Equipment inspection system

Equipment inspection system is mainly for enterprises to provide convenience when making equipment check

Includes inspection, repair and maintenance management of equipment

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  • Precise positioning of equipment


     Inspect the equipment in the factory through the new inspection list. The location of the device is determined by our initial Settings. When we make a tour, the different colors on the map indicate the current state of the device.

   For example, if the device has not been inspected, the red icon will be displayed on the location; the icon of the equipment that has been inspected is green; the blue icon indicates that the device has been inspected but does not belong to the group.

  • Equipment precision real-time maintenance

      The inspector will scan the code to inspect each device. When the equipment has problems, can be on the spot repair, fill in the repair list. Maintenance personnel see the list of repair, based on device positioning can quickly find the failure of the equipment for maintenance. To complete the maintenance task quickly and efficiently, shorten the maintenance time, replace the traditional maintenance process with electronic maintenance process, greatly reduce the workload of personnel.

Odoo • 文字和图像
Odoo • 图像和文字
  • "Real name" equipment

      When we register each device, we give them an "id card", which contains not only their name, model and picture, but also their "id number". We assign a QTR code to each device as their id number. Besides, the id card also shows who is responsible for it and where it is. In this way, each device is unique, which greatly facilitates the administrator's management of the device.


Simple and convenient:  there are a variety of patrol inspection instruments in the market now, which are generally bulky, expensive and difficult to maintain.When the instrument fails, the replacement is not timely,high cost,will affect the inspection business, even affect the normal use of use of equipment.

Simple operation: the device inspection platform is based on the mobile phone client, so that the staff can carry out the inspection task anytime and anywhere. The mobile phone is small and light, easy to carry, the system interface is simple and easy to operate, and the inspection task can be completed by clicking.